how is there misogyny in the pop punk/alternative scene?


  1. a lot of the lyrics are about women being terrible and/or ‘sluts’
    "do you look yourself straight in the eyes and think about who you let between your thighs"  - mt diablo, the story so far (which by the way, i’ve seen tssf live a few times and that is always the loudest line screamed by the crowd without fail) 
  2. although girls make up a large part of the scene (as fans) we are not accepted into it by the male fanbase at all unless it’s fall out boy or all time low or one of the more popular radio friendly bands
  3. dude fans actually get pissed when more and more girls show up to a pop punk show 
  4. some BANDS even get pissed about that
  5. lots of times its assumed girls are only fans because a band member is attractive, not because we like the music
  6. people actually measure how good a band is based on boy to girl fan ratio. so like if there’s 90% boys in the crowd the band is still ‘good’ but if it’s 90% girls, they ‘sold out’

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